Volunteer Positions

Sales Floor 
Keep your assigned area neat and easy to shop.
Pull items that are not sellable or missing tags
Assist shoppers in the area
Keep area clear and safe
Assist with clean up at the end of the sale

Cashier Helper 
Work with Cashiers to keep the flow moving
Cut and count tags and items
Watch for tags that don’t match the items
Ensure that count matches what the Cashier has entered.

Work at assigned register
Be careful that all items are entered properly
Work with your helper to keep count of items
Keep careful count of items and tags and ensure they match
Place scanned tags in a ziplock bag
Keep track of problem tags
Keep an eye for tags that do not match the item
Take cash/card for payment and make change if necessary

Assist the sales team with setting up the sale space
Unloading the truck
Setting up fixtures and racks
Setting up tables and chairs
hang indoor signs

Plan and place directional and marketing signs
Plan and place marketing banners
Assist with distribution of flyers

*A great spot to volunteer husbands as well
On Thursday: 
Meet at storage to load sale items on truck
Assist in unloading truck at Sale site
Assist in assembling fixtures and racks

On Saturday: 
Assist with breaking down and preparing any fixtures/racks
Assist in loading the truck at the Sale Site
Unload the truck at the storage location