Shopping Tips

A few tips shared by some seasoned shoppers:

  • Bring something to carry your finds – We have some baskets available for your shopping pleasure, but bringing your own larger basket can always be a help. Also, if it is a basket where you can drag it, attaching something to the handle to drag it helps as well. When you find all of our good deals, it will get heavy. The larger baskets tend to hold clothes better. Ikea bags are another shopper favorite.
  • Bring something that fits your kids well – Sizes can vary with different brands, especially in larger kid sizes. Bringing something that fits them well will give you something to compare to when looking at clothes. Another option, measure their waist and inseam and bring a measuring tape to compare. Make notes to yourself of brands that fit your kid(s) well and ones to avoid.
  • Shoes – these are another tricky spot for what fits kids, but tracing your child’s foot can at least help with a starting point as to if a shoe will fit them. Trace a shoe that fits well or your child’s foot if you’re shopping for shoes.
  • Shop early – The earlier you shop, the better the selection. Come early.
  • Shop up – Don’t only look for clothes that would fit your kids today, but things they can grow in to. They grow so fast. Think about upcoming seasons, trips, sports, etc.
  • Bring a Friend – Not only does having a friend make it more fun to shop, but having a second opinion on if something will fit or if your child will like something can help. Bring a friend with kids of their own or who know your kids well.