Tagging Guide

About Tags:

Tags must be printed from My Consignment Manager
Print tags on 60# – 67# weight card stock – white or pastel colors only.
No Dark colored, bright colored, or patterned cardstock
Make sure the barcode shows up clearly on your tags
Enter all information in My Consignment Manager including a good description.
Tags print 8 to a page in My Consignment Manager.

Attaching Tags:

Always leave the barcode exposed. Do not tape or pin over the barcode
Do not tape below the line on the tags designated with “myconsignmentmanager.com”
Tags should be attached with a safety pin, clear tape, or a fine tagging gun.
If using a tagging gun, use barbs that are either 1″ or 2″.
For clothing, attach to either the right chest if pinned or the collar or right seam for tagging gun.

Tagging Dos and Dont’s:  

✔ Use scotch tape ONLY at the top and bottom edges of tags for books. Scotch tape OR packing tape can be used on the TOP part ONLY on toys, furniture, equipment, and other non-hanging items.
✔ For items in plastic bags, you may use clear packing tape along the top edge of tag for extra security.
✔ If you use safety pins on plastic bags, tape over the pin with clear tape so the tag does not tear and fall off.
✔ Use safety pins or tagging gun for clothing and other soft items (blankets, soft toys, etc.).
✔ Use scotch or packing tape over safety pins to prevent the tag from ripping around the pin AND to prevent tag switching. Of course, this makes extra work for you and for the buyers, but it is better than the alternative – lost tags.
✔ When pinning the tag to an item, place your safety pin at the TOP portion of the tag. This will remain attached to the item after purchase.
✔ With the front of the garment facing you, place the tag on the UPPER RIGHT part of the clothing (it would be your left shoulder if you were wearing it).    
✗ Do NOT tape or pin over the barcodes!
✗ Do NOT use masking tape, packing tape or anything else but scotch tape along the bottom edge of your tags.
✗ Do NOT tape on all four sides of your tags 
✗ Do NOT use straight pins or staples on clothing.
✗ Do NOT tape or pin below the printed line on the tags