Seller Instructions

Every item in the sale must be in the My Consignment Manager inventory and tagged with card weight paper and the tags from My Consignment Manager . All tags must be affixed appropriately to the item.

General Timeline:

Gather/Prep Your Items:
Our shoppers have come to expect high quality items at the sale. As you’re gathering items your kids no longer use or have outgrown, be sure to give a second look for the condition of the items. All items should be clean and in good working order. This is a good time to do one final wash on those clothes that have been waiting for the sale. Don’t forget to add batteries if needed too.

We have put together a helpful guide on prepping various items we frequently see in the sale:

Register on My Consignment Manager

Visit My Consignment Manager to register for the sale, sign your sellers agreement and pay the $15 registration fee (Additional $5 fee for non-members will be held from sale earnings). Keep in mind NFMOMC maintains the right to limit sellers so register early.

Enter Items in inventory:
Utilize My consignment manager to enter inventory and print your tags. A brief user guide for My Consignment Manger can be found here.

Tag Items for the sale:
Remember to print your tags on cardstock. Tags can be attached with safety pins, tape, or tagging gun. Please do not put any tape below the line on the tags. Your item may dictate the best way to attach. See our tagging guide for further information

Sort Items:
Sort clothing by gender and size. Within each size, pajamas should lead the size followed by other clothing items. Separate boutique items, matching sets, costumes, coats, and swimwear as these go on separate racks.

The more organized your other items are, the more smoothly drop off will go.

Drop Off Items
Item drop-off will be Thursday night 6-8:30pm and Friday morning 8am-12:30pm. A sign-up for drop-off times will follow. You will be expected to place your items on the sale floor.

Shop the Sale
Don’t forget to come and shop the sale too. New this year, our sellers will be able to invite 1 guest to shop early with them. This could be a husband, mom, or another friend. Invite the rest of your friends to come when we open to the public. We need shoppers to come buy all the items our wonderful sellers bring to the sale.

Pick Up and/or donate unsold items
Once volunteers finish sorting unsold items, time will begin for picking up items. The goal is usually for pickup to be around 3:30, but a definite time will be posted on the Facebook Page as the day goes on. We typically have a charity available to pick up items that you wish to donate as well. Always be sure to check the missing tag table for any items that may have lost their tags during the sale.

Checks are mailed.
Be sure that your address is correct in My Consignment Manager so that we can mail your check after final settlement reports are available.


  • Straight pins injure shoppers and clothing. We will remove items from the sale for safety reasons.
  • You are selling items at your own risk.
  • You are responsible for checking that your items are not on a recall list.
  • Carseats all have an expiration date and they must be within their acceptable life to be sold in the sale.