Payout & Penalties


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To ensure that the sale runs smoothly and we maintain high customer satisfaction, NFMOMC applies penalties for infractions of our rules. If you break any of the following rules, you will be assessed a penalty against the total dollar amount of the items you sold. This will be deducted from your check. Please note these are the maximum amounts. If you have concerns, please reach out. 

Max Penalty AmountInfraction
25%Improper use of tags
25%Handwritten price on tags
25%Selling items for someone else.
25%Using straight pins
25%Tagging or sorting at the sale.
25%Arriving after or leaving before your shift begins/ends
25%Pre-shopping, Hiding items, setting aside during set up
25%Significant issues with tags not following guidelines
100%Using tags that are not NFMOMC tags. Items cannot be sold
100%Registering under 2 different names and seller numbers.
125%/$25Any item that is reported or proven to be defective at the point when it was sold
$7.50/batteryNFMOMC has to provide batteries to ensure an item is in working order